A trip to Bristol Aquarium

As part of the research phase for my Creative Technology Toolkit assignment, I made another field trip to the Bristol Aquarium.

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This is Bristol’s biggest aquarium where one can discover thousands of aquatic creatures, including tropical fish, sharks, and seahorses, in more than 40 exciting displays. It is situated 15 minutes drive from the City Centre at Anchor Road. It is also adjacent to the popular charity and science centre named “We The Curious”

I got to the aquarium at around 3:30 PM on the 19th of October coming from Filton and left by 5:15 PM. It is a cool environment targeted at kids to explore, play and learn about marine life. Adults are also welcomed.

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I met a set of kids who also came for a field trip. I approached the Staff Coordinator to ask if I could tag along (after paying) and observe how the kids reacted to the displays.

NB: No photos of the kids were taken, and no personal information was recorded.

I saw that the kids were:

– Interested in the colours and species of the sea animals (especially the fishes).

The staff explained that fish change their colour due to some factors like the environment (water quality, sunlight, etc.), age or fish food.

– Interested in the movement of sea animals (fish).

Fish movements are affected by physical conditions (like the level of water current) and the composition of the fish community.

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Further Observations:

You’re not allowed to touch the water or surface of the displays.

You’re also not allowed to take flash photographs.

No interactive A/V system/installation exists at the Bristol Aquarium.

The aquarium has spaces for displays and exhibits.

The kids were more drawn to the species of fish that had bright colours.

I was also interested in how the water current affected the distribution of sea animals.

Some of the fishes were swimming with the flow, while others swam against it.

After moving around each room, the kids finally settled with toys in a playground area (still within the aquarium).

Some also went to the select items from the gift shop.