I like to think of myself as a multifaceted being simply because my interests and passions are quite varied, and they make up a large part of who I am today.

I enjoy surfing the web, exploring stuff, writing, pushing pixels, drawing (sometimes), learning about technology, making art, meeting people, visiting places, taking photos, the list goes on...

I’m a Nigerian from the yoruba ethnic group. I come from a family of 5, and I mostly work as a designer for a living. I’m also Christian, so I subscribe to certain values and beliefs.


I'm really curious about life. I believe the essense of life is to live for a purpose bigger than myself. I strongly follow the ideology that I am not just my work, so I try to make my life as meaningful as possible. I'm also intrigued by idea of love, giving, service, accountability, gratitude, recreation, and reproduction.


I run a design innovation outfit through which I consult for companies and collaborate with internal teams to help rethink processes, uncover insights, build systems, and deliver services that will enable their users, customers and enhance their businesses.

Previously, I worked in the e-commerce sector, helping to redefine the shopping experience for wholesale electronics.

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I've been using my skills, gifts, talents and resources to support causes that are important to me. Currently, most of my efforts are directed towards fostering design education and giving design mentorship.

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Although I'm self-thought, I explored creative technology for a postgraduate program. Projects explored and executed during this time can be found here. I also read computer science for first degree. Asides all these, I still take on independent studies to broaden my knowledge or explore something new.

Last update: Nov 2021.

I update this site quite often, so check back later for some new info.

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