I’m from a family of five born to Nigerian parents. I was raised in Lagos for the most part of my life. My education is in Creative Technology and Computer Science, respectively. I’m also a Christian, so I hold certain values and beliefs.

I believe humans were designed to be multifaceted. I’m influenced by what I see, hear, and read, and I’ve grown to have varied interests across the arts, sciences, and humanities. These days, I tend to think a lot about impact and how my passions could help drive social and business value.

Besides gaming, music, and cinema, I enjoy surfing the web; it’s how I get to stay updated with the world and feed my other interests. I write when I feel like it, even though I don’t do that quite often.

I used to draw a lot when I was much younger; these days I’m just trying. Technology helped me rediscover design, and I’ve made a career out of it.

I’ve grown to enjoy meeting new people, and I like taking photos of places when I can. Sometimes I play the harmonica; it’s the only musical instrument I still play well at the moment.