I like to explore multiple things, create side projects, and utilize my skills.

I co-publish Susinsight, a media platform that provides insightful reports on sustainable development in Africa.

TC Labs AI 
I create AI artworks that highlight culture, history, religion, and everyday realities.

Lagos Places 
I carefully curate beautiful spots in Lagos.

I am trying to revive the culture of exchanging greeting cards in a simpler and more efficient way.

Living Witness / LiWi Mag / Witness Mag
More info soon.

Alphabetics 
I make logomarks from the letters of the alphabet. This series happens once a year.

PolyLab 
More info soon.

WebHunt 
I curate beautiful things made on the web.

Furry Monsters 
I create furry little monsters with AI.

We Are Nigerian Creatives 
I made a glitch experiment with OJ, and we received an honorable mention.

Retro Raid 
I am producing some 90s-inspired art.